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Ancient - - a webcomic
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#1. “Ancient”March 13th, 2009
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Hey guys,
So I’m here from the future to write a proper introduction for this project. It felt like having no definite starting point left you somewhat lost, a little in the lurch, dearest reader.

Gradually, But With Love is not a series, nor is it plot-driven, nor does it have any integral characters to speak of. The characters are you and I, the plot is the way our lives are going, or any of the thousands of ways it could be going alternatively. As you read these comics, imagine what kind of person would be saying or thinking these things. My greatest hope is that you find yourself or someone you love in one of the comics and realise that people are not so different at all. Perhaps if enough people learn this we can work towards a more accepting and supportive community, and a stronger-loving world to die in.
— 27th of May 2009


Full text:

And in the creases of his face there was a hint of a smile and his eyes were dim and knowing, for he had seen more than you think, more than he’d ever expected, and only now was it assailing him, the wasted time and the wasted opportunities and all the great things he would never do, like rain striking a metal roof.

Thanks to Natalie Maynor for the original photo.


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Gradually, But With Love —
Produced by Desi Quintans, © 2009
Published with Ligature v1.5